CIA FIRST student wins at The World Scholar’s Cup in Manila

CIA FIRST Mag sat down with Grade 11 student Justine Rellin, a CIA FIRST student who only last month was part of the winning squad at CamDebate in Phnom Penh, and got some more information on yet another stunning victory at The World Scholar’s Cup in Manila.

How did you get involved with The World Scholar’s Cup?

There was a regional here back in March and I went to a mini global round, officially known as the ‘Not so Mini Global Round’ with 1500 students.

We went [to The World Scholar’s Cup] to socialise, debate, write essays and take tests and revel in awkwardness


So, what exactly is The World Scholar’s Cup?

Well, it’s an academic competition which aims to encourage students to educate themselves independently whilst still having fun.

Essentially, it’s about self learning?

Yeah! Learning about new things through self motivation. And they usually do it by portraying the event as less serious than it actually is, but we cover serious topics like marginalised groups, people on the margins, enabling technologies and things like that.

So, there’s six subjects in total: Science, History, Art, Literature, Special Areas (which covers mysteries) and Social Studies.

Our knowledge is then tested on four different areas. There’s a test, which we call a challenge, there’s a written essay, three rounds of debates with completely different themes and there’s the quiz ball. [The quiz ball] is like a group quiz; you’re all in the theatre with a clicker.

Those were the activities as well as socialising and breaking the ice and you get to know other cultures and other people.

And what exactly did you win medals for, because you came away with twelve medals, is that right?

We. as a team, placed quite high in the rankings overall but individually I scored the highest on the test. In the end it was twelve gold medals for different categories, including Top Scholars in the senior division and the Asimov Award. I also came home with two silver medals and a trophy.

Well done Justine!