Summer School Fees


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CIA Summer School Features for Middle & High School Students:
– AP prep courses
– Course credit make up to meet CIA FIRST graduation requirements
– Career and college counselling
– Field Trip Fridays
– Guest Speakers
– Athletics

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Building and Learning Together! MS/HS
Students will identify the most important skills and understandings that they will be required to have in 20-25 years from now in order to successfully address the issues in that future generation. Students will brainstorm ways that schools can best help them to learn and prepare for their future. Students will create scale models of the CIA FIRST campus – adding their own design ideas. Finally, students will develop a sales pitch to be delivered to the School Director about their campus design ideas. The pitch will include the projected challenges that future CIA FIRST students will face, expected costs to implement the new ideas, potential risks and benefits – including impact on student learning. Essential Questions to consider: How do students learn? How can mathematics be used to make scale models and to support a business plan? What are the impacts of these design ideas on student lives now and what will they be in the future?

Crowded Planet! MS/HS
Students will research and discuss the challenges involved with rapid population growth and the impact that it will have on the environment, food and health in Cambodia. Students will come up with innovative ideas to help improve the situation through an awareness campaign and developing an invention that will help ease the impact of population growth on the planet. Guiding questions: How can we use mathematics to describe and predict the growth of our global population? What does it mean for something to grow exponentially? What are the impacts of a rapidly growing global population? How can science and technology help to address this problem? Idea sourced from:

It’s Time to Act! MS/HS
Students will identify, discuss and research a problem that is negatively impacting the lives of students or global society. They will formulate solutions to the problem that they have selected and they will write a play that addresses their chosen theme in a solutions-focused way. Students will then film their play. Students will generate social awareness around their chosen issue and their movies will be screened at the end of the year! Guiding questions: How do we communicate effectively to diverse audiences? How do our actions impact the lives of others? What do good writers do? What are the impacts of these problems in society over the long term?

Tuition Fees

Level Recommended age Full Time Fee Part Time Fee Khmer only PT
6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks
K3 3-4 USD 440 USD 308 N/A
K4 4-5 USD 440 USD 308 N/A
K5 5-6 USD 468 USD 318 N/A
GRADE 1 6-7 USD 489 USD 363 N/A
GRADE 2 7-8 USD 489 USD 363 N/A
GRADE 3 8-9 USD 489 USD 363 N/A
GRADE 4 9-10 USD 489 USD 363 N/A
GRADE 5 10-11 USD 489 USD 363 N/A
GRADE 6 11-12 USD 563 USD 416 N/A
GRADE 7 12-13 USD 563 N/A N/A
GRADE 8 13-14 USD 563 N/A N/A
GRADE 9 14-15 USD 606 USD 448 N/A
GRADE 10 15-16 USD 606 N/A N/A
GRADE 11 16-17 USD 606 N/A N/A
GRADE 12 17-18 USD 606 USD 448 N/A


Optional Transportation Fee*

Optional Transportation Fee 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child 5th Child
Two ways USD 71 USD 56 USD 56 USD 56 USD 56
One way USD 54 USD 47 USD 47 USD 47 USD 47


Summer School Discount

Summer School Discount: Early bird discount: 10% on tuition fee for enrollments and full 6 weeks payment until Wed. 15th of June (with exception of part-time Khmer fees). This discount cannot be added to any other existing discounts.

* Note: An additional 10% VAT will be applied to the items in this section (with exception of tuition fees)