MAP Testing

CIA FIRST’s Language Support Program Teacher and ES NWEA MAP Coordinator, Mr. Benjamin Storer talks us through MAP Testing which takes place for G3-12 students  from the 16th October-1st November.

Who are the NWEA?

It is a test designed to see if a student has progressed academically and is one of the data points we collect, use and interpret at CIA FIRST International. The test is designed to meet the academic level of the pupil and alters the questions to the needs of that individual.

What does MAP stand for?

MAP stands for Measure of Academic Progress.

What exactly is a MAP test?

The MAP test is a data-collection tool, used to measure growth in understanding of different subjects, exclusively Mathematics, Science, Reading, and English Language. It does that through the answer choices and whether or not they are correct: if the answer is correct, the next question becomes more challenging, if incorrect it changes to a question that is of equal level or lower. It keeps doing this until the test finds an equilibrium of knowledge, then projects a score in  easy-to-read data reports.

Why do we need MAP testing at CIA FIRST International?

MAP testing is essential as it is yet another data-point that adds onto the knowledge and how much students have grown academically over the period of an academic year. It can rightfully show us if there are any skill deficits for an individual, across a whole class, across a whole grade, and compares across other schools within the district.

Furthermore, this data will be used to support the students in their understandings within the classroom, enabling them to grow academically through all subjects.